Our Faith

Both of us have had similar faith journeys (go figure, we're twins!) even though the great majority of the spiritual development and growth we've experienced has been after we left each other for our respective colleges. That said, we are constantly talking about it, challenging each other, holding each other accountable, and metaphorically walking side-by-side... even if we are 700 miles away! We both attend contemporary, non-denominational mega-churches, and that fact has likely, among other things, shaped our faith into what it is today.

A quick glance at what we believe:

-Jesus Christ is the son of God, born to a woman, who walked the earth, was crucified, died, and rose again.
-Jesus' death on the cross paid the penalty of the sins of the world - reconciling us to God through our acceptance of Christ's sacrifice.
-The Bible is God's word and His truth. It is the authority in our lives.
-We strive to be Christ-like in our behavior, not out of coercion, compulsion, or fear, but because God's ceaseless mercy, grace, and love leads us to choose obedience to Him.
-That God works for our good in all circumstances, that He is for us, that He is a God of justice, truth, peace, joy, and endless love.
-That we have found "the better way" in Christ and that we have a responsibility to be a faithful steward of this gift by sharing with others the good news - the gospel! - of Christ!