Sunday, November 6, 2011

Update, by M

Hey there loyal blog followers!

Sorry to have been MIA for a little bit. It was not my intention, but I've been busy (as usual) and also somewhat distracted (more on that later) recently. I have a post in the works that's about 3/4 completed. I will do my best to finish it up and have it on here this week! I'm excited to share with you all about what I'm learning and mulling over these days!

So, it turns out that my post on single men created quite the firestorm on facebook a few weeks ago! Whew! I wasn't fully anticipating that, but perhaps I should have. I definitely will be more aware in the future of who could get their hands on this thing. I wouldn't be surprised if I have a few more male readers these days as a result... that's kind of fun? It was very interesting to read their feedback. Some of it was constructive and insightful, others were ranging from insensitive to just plain mean. I'm not sure that they were aware that I was reading their comments. Perhaps they were and just didn't care? Anyway, I'm calling it a learning experience and moving on. That said, one guy in particular said something that stung (and boy, he wanted to make it very clear), which was something along the lines of "Wow! I know why this girl is single!"

To him, and the various other friends and family members who read this, I'd like to formally update you all that...

I'm not!

I'm going to try to refrain from sharing much about him or the relationship on here... at least at the moment, as I don't have his explicit consent. However, those of you who are my facebook friends can find out all that you want on him with very minimal digging... help yourselves. =)

I will say this... Many of the men who commented on my article said something along the lines of "this girl will NEVER find someone with expecations like that!" "She is delusional!" "She needs to start looking on eHarmony because no man like this exists in the real world." To that I say... FALSE. I am beyond pleased to report that this new boyfriend of mine exceeds all of my expectations... seriously. He is fantastic - nice, cute, mature, gentlemanly, funny, smart, and (shocker) he has a great idea of how to treat women. One of my small group girls remarked yesterday "Aww, M... he treats you like a princess!" And she's right! So I'm thrilled to report that he exists and that he has blown me away with his awesomeness. Ladies... there's hope!

And that's all I have to say about that! I'm excited!

One more thing: if you're interested, one of my wonderful and favorite friends directed me to the following article today, written by a highly educated and influential pastor, author, and teacher. Lest you think I'm the only one who has been disappointed in many single Christian men, I encourage you to read his thoughts:

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