Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Mish-Mash of Thoughts

This is W here, saying that M needs to post again. She's been having fun gallivanting around Atlanta with all of her friends and numerous suitors and is apparently too busy for this blog. And she's going to kill me for writing that, ha!

I don't even have anything substantive to say right now either-- I just feel bad for leaving you guys hanging for a week.

I was searching for something I could write about, and the following topics popped into my head:

-My current favorite TV shows
-How exciting it is that my co-worker Lauren got engaged
-How I am dreading the impending start of winter
-The great deal on grown-up shoes I got this past weekend
-Thoughts about putting the best dog ever to sleep last week :(
-How I feel about not being at Vandy homecoming next weekend
-My current love of making soups from scratch in way-too-large quantities
-My random pet peeve about stepping in something wet when you're wearing socks
-The fact that I should be reading Henry Cloud/the Bible/journaling/praying instead of writing this pointless post.

So, maybe that is the point of this post...that even "good Christians" waste time on the internet instead of indulging in quality time with their Savior. Surely I am guilty of that.

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