Sunday, May 15, 2011

Welcome to Two by Truth!

Hi there! Welcome to our blog!

The concept of this blog is to share perspective on how two 20-something women encounter life, love, and adulthood while abiding by the Spirit. Come along with us as we share our thoughts, ideas, and journeys with you! And now, to introduce ourselves...

M is a single woman living in Atlanta who attends Buckhead Church. She works for a nation-wide non-profit, and lives with two wonderful friends/ believers. She is priviledged to lead a small group of women in Bible study through Buckhead, and these women make up the great majority of her friend group in Atlanta. In her spare time, M enjoys going to see shows, spending time outdoors in Piedmont Park, reading reading reading, and getting pedicures.

W is a soon-to-be-wife living in Chicago who attends Willow Creek's North Shore Campus. She recently quit her job as a first grade teacher, and is counting the days until she is NOT living with two messy women/non-believers. She is currently trying to figure out how and where to find friends in this city. She is privileged to have her fiance T living here as well. In her spare time, W enjoys searching for a new job, cooking, going to Hot Yoga, and watching documentaries on babies and strange medical conditions.

M and W grew up in "the heart of it all"-- Central Ohio. M wants everyone to know that she is older by 5 minutes. W wants everyone to know that she is less high maintenance than M. We grew up with two loving parents, still married after nearly 30 years, and a talented and spunky younger sister who keeps us on our toes. We were raised Catholic, and shared parallel journeys of faith-- coming to Christ and non-demoninational mega-churches in college. M and W attended Miami University and Vanderbilt University, respectively, loved every second of it, and wish they could go back every day.

Please join us as we share our thoughts on topics such as honesty, courtship, boundaries, modesty, job searching, bills, male and female interactions, spirituality, and of course, singleness/dating/engagement/and marriage...and whatever else may pop up as the Spirit leads us. Know that we are NOT experts, we do not have all the answers, and we have been considered, by some, to giggle too much. We are two girls who like to read, like to learn, and are trying to do our lives the best way we know how. We hope at some level it may be interesting, entertaining, or relevant to you. We welcome your comments!

Until next time,
M and W

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